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Performing solo acoustic guitar and piano along with his trio and quartet.  Relaxing music from multiple decades.


2023 Schedule

Mar 3rd - Bairs Den

Mar 4th - Private

Mar 10th - John Wright

Mar 11th - Regents Glen

Mar 16th - Highland Taps

Mar 18th - Private

Mar 24th - Altland House

Mar 25th - O'Rorkes

Mar 26th - Fat Bat Brewery

Apr 1st - Private

Apr 7th - Harrisburg CC

Apr 15th- Millersburg

Apr 21st- Altland House (Band)

Apr 22nd - Hanover CC (afternoon)

Apr 22nd- O'Rokes (Evening)

Apr 27th - Highland Taps

Apr 28th - Italian Lodge (Duo)

Apr 29th - Reids

Apr 30th- Fat Bat Brewery

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